21-07-05 Fayris

The capsuleer was sitting on the Sivala gate in Uedama, with a cheap KR.
Said kill right was activated, and the subsequent suspect status pilot was blown from the skies.

  • Fayris
  • Suspect
  • Wah Huren, Emmalute Lay Lennelluc

2021-07-07 stewpenny

  • stewpenny
  • Criminal
  • KipKilliGin, Ziosis
  • On a recent patrol by New Eden Police Force you were apprehended, with a suspect timer. Unfortunately, this resulted in the confiscation of your ship. Please be aware that any form of criminal activity will not be tolerated. Thank you for your co-operation.

2021-06-05 Deryn Angrard

  • Deryn Angrard
  • Criminal
  • Muddles, Fire Venom, Mandalf, EvaLovia, KipKilliGin< Emmalaute Lay Lennelluc, gustav Vigin
  • Dear Capsuleer, Your ship was assessed, during a routine Detain and Search Operation, conducted by members of New Eden Police Force. I am pleased to report that a search of the wreckage showed no evidence of contraband substances. Thank you for your Co-operation.