Bounty Hunting

In order to participate in the New Eden Police Force’s bounty hunting system you have to log-in (authenticate with Eve) and then become a licensed bounty hunter. This license is issued by the New Eden Police Force. The only thing we collect from the log-in is your public data so we can pull in your character name as a user.

The basics of how it works

Individual pilots, Corporations or Alliances may issue a bounty on almost any pilot in EVE ( /me looks at CCP pilots) and the New Eden Police Force will hold that bounty and place the pilot on our “Wanted Dead or Alive” list until such time that registered bounty hunter(s) have claimed all of the bounty by destroying their ship(s). Once the registered Bounty Hunter(s) have claimed their earnings, we will then remove the pilot from the wanted list. Any kill that has multiple registered Bounty Hunters will see the funds split evenly between them.

To clarify this is a service by NEPF and we will be keeping with our Corporations theme of “roleplaying” the good guys. So we will not be accepting bounties on the good guys. There needs to be a legitimate reason within that framework. This is not solely for our corp. We want this to be for all pilots in Eve to use if they wish but it needs to fall within there being a reason for the bounty. If we think there is reason enough we will accept the bounty. Otherwise it will be rejected. Do not fret future bounty hunters, there will be plenty of targets.


Placing a bounty does not require logging into this website with your eve account. For complete anonymity please send the isk with an alt. Be sure to never do anything with this alt that associates it with your character, corporation or alliance and no one, including us will know who placed the bounty.

In game, search for the character Bounty Poster. Please be careful with the spelling and note that she is in the corporation New Eden Police Force. Her in game bio, name and corporation can be seen below.

Give her the isk for the amount of the bounty you wish to issue. In the reason box enter the name of the pilot you are placing the bounty on and click ok. Then go to the “Place Bounty” page and fill it out. Please allow us time to process your request. Once processed the pilot will appear on our Wanted list with the amount of the bounty. This can be higher than what you issue as multiple players/corporations/alliances may place a bounty on them as well.

It is not necessary to be a licensed bounty hunter to place a bounty. You only have to be registered to collect the bounty. We will take 10% of the bounty placed up front to run this service.

To become a licensed Bounty Hunter

In order to become a licensed bounty hunter you will need to first log in to our website using the “Log in with Eve Online” button. Then go to the “Request a Bounty Hunters License” tab. Enter your name in text box and submit it. An officer will review your request and either approve or deny. Generally the only requirement is that you have at least some activity on zKillboard. We do not wish to send out inexperienced pilots to face the most hardened criminal element of eve ill-prepared.

Once you have been approved check back and you will be able to see the “Request Bounty Payout” page. As long as your license is in good standing you will continue to be able to collect bounties. We reserve the right to revoke the license for any activity that we feel tries to abuse our system.

More specifics

To avoid users having an alt or a friend kill them so they can collect their own bounty we will be instituting a few checks and balances.

  • Only New Eden Police Force licensed bounty hunters will be allowed to collect on the bounty.
  • Each claim on the bounty must provide a link to a verified kill mail from zKillboard.
  • All claims will be investigated for legitimacy.
  • Claims will be paid based on the Destroyed value assigned by zKillboard.


Payouts of the bounty will be the lesser of 70% of the destroyed amount or the remaining bounty balance on said pilot. The goal is to make it so that it is not profitable for a player to have an alt or a friend kill them so they can collect the bounty, while still resulting in nice payouts for the bounty hunter. This is accounting for insurance on the ship as well as what drops in the kill. If you total the destroyed amount, insurance and the dropped value they should be very close to the full loss amount. At least close enough.

How much will I get

We have a Bounty Payout Calculator that you can use to estimate the payout.

In game license permit

While this is not required, you are welcome to display your bounty hunting license in your profile like below. You will enter the date you registered and your personal license that was generated when you were accepted as a bounty hunter. You can find this by entering your name in the “Check for active NEPF Bounty Hunter License” on the right. If your name has a space use a hypen “-” in place of the space when searching. Click on check and you will see your license number and badge. Feel free to link to your bounty license and badge as well on our site.

——————-Bounty hunting License——————–
I follow the Bounty Hunter’s CODE OF CONDUCT
Registration date:
Issuing Agent: Bounty Poster
License Number: