The Freighter Lives!

I was in Uedama the other day. I was sitting on the Sivala gate in my Imicus, my manly bulge protruding from my tight, standard-issue NEPF trousers.

Being the well-known, well-loved Chief Inspector that I am, a couple of people recognised me.

After exchanging friendly greetings, my attention turned to a large group of Catalysts sitting outside a Fortizar. It was Safety, waiting for a nice, juicy freighter to sink their Dorito-stained teeth into.

And the freighter arrived.

An Obelisk, filled to the brim with compressed ice, came barreling (slowly) through the gate.

A group of Catalysts landed on the Obelisk and tapped F1. Because, you have to remember:

“I can’t have that.” I said, out loud, for some reason.

I burned towards the Obelisk and tapped my own key, unleashing an ECM burst and getting rid of their target locks. The freighter survived and was thankful that I saved him.

I let out a little celebration of my own, but local seemed rather quiet after that.

It’s incredible the things my little Imicus can do.

Fly safe, Jim. May your EST. Price be low and your hauling rewards high.